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From the 21 to the 23 of October 2013, The Days of OHADA Professionals 2013 were held in the Conference room of the D.MOUKOURI & PARTNERS Law Firm in Douala (Cameroon), under the general topic: “The Practice of Debt Recovery within the OHADA Zone”.

                Co-organized by D. MOUKOURI & Partners law firm and the Federation of OHADA Clubs in Cameroon,The Days of OHADA Professionals 2013 brought together Lawyers from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Benin, and Cameroon as well as company secretaries from Banks and other prestigious companies in Central Africa.

This exchange and participative meeting between professionals of the OHADA Zone aimed not only at endowing the participants with the practical and necessary tools for optimum debt recovery but was also and most especially the best way to celebrate the first anniversary of the adhesion of the Democratic Republic of Congo to OHADA.

This seminar was grounded on Monday the 21st of October 2013 at 10:15 a.m with an opening speech fromBarrister Danielle MOUKOURI , member of the Cameroon Bar Association and Senior Managing Partner of the D.MOUKOURI & Partners  Law Firm , who started by thanking the participants for honoring this rendez-vous, The Permanent Secretary of OHADA represented and the Representative of the President of the Cameroon Bar. It is in this light that she underlined the importance of this exchange platform in the reinforcement of professionals’ capacities within the OHADA zone.

Further to this eloquent opening speech, Mr. Alexis NDZUENKEU, Representative of the Permanent Secretary of OHADA , praised the great mobilization of Lawyers and Company secretaries in attendance, which attest of the interest accorded to one of the most important Uniform Acts of OHADA. His speech equally enlightened on the ten (10) years walk which led to the adhesion of the Democratic Republic of Congo to OHADA.

The Program continued with a speech from Barrister TCHAKOUTE PATIE Charles, Representative of the President of the Cameroon Bar, who congratulated and encouraged Barrister Danielle MOUKOURI for such an initiative strongly supported by the Cameroon Bar.

The pertinence of the technical presentations of experts, the legal drafting handled and the substance of discussions between participants and experts on :

  • Injunction to pay
  • Opposition to injunction to pay
  • Writs of execution
  • Sequestration of tangible properties
  • Sequestration of debts
  • Garnishment / Seizure-award of debts
  • Enforcement proceedings

were able to meet the announced objectives and led to the conclusion that despite its “simplified” appearance, debt recovery within the OHADA system faces a number of obstacles that one should assess methodically.

At the end of this training, Barrister Danielle MOUKOURI, who has been moderator throughout the meeting, intervened to communicate the table of limitation periods and the report of the first Edition of the Days of the OHADA Professionals.

This 3 days training session was concluded with the handing of an Attestations of participation and the distribution of the OHADA 20th Anniversary gadgets. Evaluation of the meeting by the attendees and the special thanks of the organizing committee were full of emotion. The participants found no difficulty in expressing their satisfaction and willingness to take part to subsequent editions. This seminar ended on the 23th of October 2013 at around 6pm with a series of photos and a farewell cocktail.

For more information please contact:

Barrister Danielle MOUKOURI, member of the Cameroon Bar Association: d.moukouri@moukourilaw.com




Me TCHAKOUTE PATIE Charles, Représentant du Bâtonnier de l’Ordre des Avocats au Barreau du Cameroun :

« Tout le mérite revient à Me Danielle MOUKOURI, jeune Avocat, qui a été à pied d’œuvre de la conception à la réalisation de cette rencontre importante au regard du thème et surtout soutenue par le Barreau du Cameroun »

M. Alexis NDZUENKEU, Représentant du Secrétaire Permanent de l’OHADA,

« Les observations et recommandations de cette rencontre professionnelle contribueront certainement au processus d’amélioration du système normatif de l’OHADA. »

Me Blaise LUNDA, Avocat au Barreau de Kinshasa-Gombé (RDC), Vice Président de la Fédération Africaine des Unions de Jeunes Avocats :

« Personnellement et collectivement, j’ai trouvé cette rencontre très enrichissante. Ce déplacement au Cameroun en a valu le prix.»

Me Ben KAPUYA SHAMBUYI, Avocat au Barreau de Kinshasa-Gombé (RDC):

«Personnellement, j’ai été impressionné par le niveau des débats, la qualité des communications et de l’organisation. J’encourage Maitre Danielle MOUKOURI à envisager ce genre de rencontres entre professionnels de droit venant de pays différents. L’aspect pratique a été respecté dans la mesure où beaucoup de rencontres se limitent à des échanges théoriques.»

Me Elise COUPRIE, Avocat au Barreau du Gabon :

« J’ai beaucoup apprécié le choix du thème de la formation. Les échanges avec les intervenants ont aidé à éclaircir des zones d’ombre. L’organisation de l’évènement quant à elle a été à la hauteur. »

Me Jean-Marcel KABEYA MBUYI, Avocat au Barreau de Kinshasa-Gombé :

 « Initiative très encourageante pour l’avenir. J’invite le comité d’organisation à multiplier ce type de rencontres au moins une fois par an, pour des échanges fructueux.»

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