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357, Rue Toyota, opposite BGFI Bank, Bonapriso, Douala, Cameroon

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357, Rue Toyota, opposite BGFIBank,
Bonapriso, Douala, Cameroon

+237 233 42 25 44 | 243 08 23 34

Telecommunications, Media and Communications

Our lawyers have extensive experience in analysing the key aspects and risks in infrastructure transactions.

Clients in the Telecommunications sector need practical solutions to their sensitive issues. We provide regulatory and transactional expertise and ensure we add value to clients’ businesses.

We have so far assisted private investors in setting up their businesses in the media & communications industry in Cameroon. We have also successfully obtained from local and regional Authorities the licences relevant to their operations.

We assist:

  • Broadcasting service operators in Cameroon and in Central Africa
  • Content providers, Cable television operators and Equipment manufacturers
  • Wireless carriers (terrestrial and satellite)

We have so far:

  • provided legal and regulatory advice to a broadcasting service operator in converting network to satellite distribution
  • advised on satellite financing, construction, drafted service contracts and reviewed insurance agreements
  • handled corporate restructuring in the industry
  • assisted both providers and customers, in the negotiation and drafting of contracts involving telecommunications services, facilities, licenses, leases, intellectual property rights , management services and related matters.

We represent clients in their dispute resolution and litigation before Telecommunications and Communications regulatory authorities and law courts.

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